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Merchant Funds Verification-

What is merchant funds verification?
How is check verification different from merchant check verification?
Does BetterCheck offer merchant check verification?
Does merchant check verification save money?

BetterCheck is a merchant check verification system available to qualified  businesses. BetterCheck verifies the actual bank account status as of the beginning of the business banking day.

Not all check verification systems, and check verification companies are the same.  The term merchant check verification can be very general and broad, or very specific.  Check verification should not be confused with check guarantee, which is a very different service.

Check verification is a system that uses the Routing Number, the Account Number, and optionally the Amount of the Check and the Check Number to determine if the checking account is real, if it is open and if there are positive funds in the account.  This system is available only to merchants, and not to individuals.

Merchant check verification can determine based on the ABA Routing Number if the check actually originates at the bank that is stated on front of the draft or the front of the check. 

Merchant check verification systems like BetterCheck will provide the name, address and phone number for the bank the check is drawn upon, if the routing number is valid.  Check verification systems can be useful for ACH debit verification as well as check verification.

Check verification will also address the account number at that bank by checking the bank's information from that business banking day, as posted by the individual institution. 

Checking account number positive verification will determine, if the actual account is an open and active account? If there a positive balance listed on the account as of that business banking day? Or, are there any holds or limitations posted on the account?

Checking account number negative information is limited to the information supplied by the individual bank.  Negative responses for check verification could be as simple as, "invalid routing number," but could also be other messages like:

- Account Closed
- Stop Payment
- Over the Limit
- Uncollected Funds
- No Possible Account Under Account Number
- Non-DDA Account
- No Checks
- No Debits
- NSF - Not Sufficient Funds.

Each merchant check verification message supplied by current check verification systems will indicate something about the account status to allow businesses to decide if they should process or not process the item.

Keep in mind that there is currently no system offered in the U.S. that allows a merchant or individual to verify and exact amount of funds. 

Banks also set up check verification capabilities for businesses and corporate clients who can also maintain the same level of confidentiality that is required in their own privacy policies.  Qualified businesses can get check verification systems like BetterCheck after agreeing to these privacy policies and proper use as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

BetterCheck is a system that offers the very best and most comprehensive check verification in the industry.  BetterCheck is designed to drastically reduce the number of bad checks you deposit or ACH returns you receive by providing live account information for about 9 out of 10 U.S. checking accounts.

Unlike check guarantee companies that base their decision on the customer's check writing history, BetterCheck uses the actual status and information about the account that day.


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