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BetterCheck™ is a check verification company.

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Looking for a check verification company?
Is a check verification company different from a check guarantee company?
How does check verification work with BetterCheck?
What is factoring?  Why don't banks verify funds?

BetterCheck is a check verification company for businesses. The BetterCheck system validates the actual bank account status as of the beginning of the business banking day. 

When evaluating a check verification company you can calculate your savings or expense very quickly by counting how many checks you process per month, and how many of them bounce.

Not all check verification companies are the same.  The term check verification is often used broadly. All check verification companies have unique information.  Check verification should not be confused with check guarantee, which is a very different service. It is also not the same as systems that check a negative database and require driver's license information

BetterCheck is a check verification company that uses the Routing Number, the Account Number, and optionally the Amount of the Check and the Check Number to determine if the checking account is real, if it is open and if there are positive funds in the account.  BetterCheck is true check verification because it does not involve the identity of the account holder, it only bases the response on the current status of the account.

Based on the Routing Number BetterCheck determines if the check actually comes from the bank that is stated on front of the check or draft. If it is a for an ACH transaction, the ACH phone number is provided.

Check verification will provide the name, address and phone number for the bank the check is drawn upon, if the routing number is valid.  Check verification systems can be useful for ACH debit verification as well as check verification.

Some services require a driver's license number or some other identification which then runs the person or individual against the negative check database of people who pass bad checks.

This type of information can be useful, but can prevent many people from being approved if they had just one problem in the past.

BetterCheck lets  you know if the check is likely to clear TODAY.  Why turn down a good check just because someone bounced a check at the supermarket 5 years ago?

Checking account number positive verification will determine, is the actual account and open and active account? Is there a positive balance listed on the account as of that day? Are there any holds or limits on the account?

Why is there no company that can offer funds verification for exact dollar amounts during a check verification? One reason is that new bank privacy policies prevent the banks from disclosing this information to anyone except the account holder.

While it is not the law that dictates banks cannot provide account balance details on customers, more than 90% of banks have issued such privacy policies voluntarily citing the Fair Credit Reporting Act. 

One reason for this is literally to protect consumer privacy, but others speculate that banks make quite a bit of revenue from bounced check fees on the business and the consumer side.

Banks that offered "merchant funds verification" by telephone until 2003 found that with automated systems, or live operators merchants, collectors and fraudsters alike could narrow down a balance using a technique called factoring.

Banks also set up check verification capabilities for businesses and corporate clients who can also maintain the same level of confidentiality that is required in their own privacy policies.  Qualified businesses can get check verification systems like BetterCheck after agreeing to these privacy policies and proper use as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

BetterCheck is a check verification company that offers the very best and most comprehensive check verification in the industry. 

Unlike check guarantee companies that base their decision on the customer's check writing history, BetterCheck uses the actual status and information about the account that day.


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